Open Systems are a group of computer programmers (developers) that add value
to our customers services with our tailored systems.

At the base of our extensive software library we have created an accounts package
with good stock control and web facilities for on-line orders.

The accounts package is set up for multiple companies and multiple currencies.
We believe it's better than Sage, and other competitors such as IBM and SAP.

At the moment we only have a few clients/installations and our goal is reach 1000's.

Our package is easier to sell to Start Ups as we use Linux (which is free) and
the base system includes email, open office, website, print servers etc.
So our target market will be those businesses wanting a new accounts suite that
includes stock control.

This is an ideal opportunity for Agents already talking to company directors, or newly formed companies.

Commission rates range from 10% to 20% depending on what's involved in the project.

If you are ready for a challenge please get in touch

(You can also sell to companies wishing to outsource all or part of their IT requirements).

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